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Ozonated Jojoba • Rose Otto • Schizandra

Naturally pigmented and infused with ozone to nourish lips and cheeks with intense moisture.

Ozone doubles to fight bad breath causing bacteria.

Naturally pigmented using schizandra berries for a rosy glow.

Ozonated Jojoba – When ozone is added to wholesome Jojoba a whole new level of abundance is achieved. Sinking effortlessly into skin, it transfers phytonutrients supporting the skin to retain moisture and replenish elasticity. Brilliantly beneficial to skin with its abundance of nutrients and vitamin E tocopherols, Jojoba lubricates like oil, yet it is actually a liquid plant wax that is resiliently rich and silky.

Rose Otto – This regal botanical adds resiliency, elasticity, and moisture to the skin to minimize signs of aging and give the skin a rosy glow.

Carrot Seed – Delectable dewiness, awesome antioxidants, and amazing anti-aging action.


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