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Buccal Facial Massage

Both preventative and corrective, buccal massage (pronounced “buckle”) is a specialized treatment that blends facial sculpting massage and intraoral (inside the mouth) massage.

Buccal facial massage promotes a deep release of tight facial muscles, as well as relaxation of surface tension, resulting in improved TMJ conditions, softening of facial lines, recovered muscle tone, reduced puffiness, and better cheek and jaw definition.

Hailed as the new, non-invasive facelift, buccal massage is a natural way to slow down premature ageing with the added health benefits of reducing emotional blockages, releasing tension caused by stress, and improving lymphatic drainage. 

Buccal massage works simultaneously on the oral cavity and face, allowing your practitioner to reach deeper layers of muscle tissue and ligaments. The repetitive and rhythmic movements of this massage help to retrain the muscle to lift the face and improve muscle elasticity, while also relaxing both deep and surface tension, allowing for a more natural facial posture. With many lymph nodes in the cheeks, jaw, and neck, buccal facial massage also improves lymph flow to reduce puffy eyes, dark circles, and sagging skin, while improving skin detoxification.