Karen Kingsbury – Creator of Seed and Holistic 

Enjoying over 19 years working in advanced skin, Karen is known for achieving noticeable results in her holistic treatments. With an intuitive eye for skin analysis and an experienced touch,  her facials are gentle and loving yet deeply effective at treating skin conditions and bringing balance back to the skin.  Karen works with the healing powers of plant intelligence, incorporating ethically sourced organic oils, essential oils, micro-current and healing hands to create happy, strong and glowing skin.


IMG_5048Sue Kumar – Holistic Facialist

Sue was trained in Ayurvedic healing in India, the ancient art of medicine and beauty.  She offers over 30 years of holistic healing providing reflexology, reiki, aromatherapy and threading.  Sue will make you feel beautiful inside and out.  Sue has a deep love for learning and passion for holistic beauty a treatments, She  Known for her healing hands and joyful nature.  Her spirited zeal for wholesome healing continues to blossom as Seed.


Tiia Warren – Holistic Facialist

Tiia brings to Seed more than 20 years of experience in the aesthetic and spa industry. Raised in a Finnish culture, many of the Scandinavian philosophies are incorporated into her aesthetic ideologies. Simple, clean and organic skin routines have a strong undercurrent to all of Tiia’s facials. Having worked with a vast number of skin care lines including medical and organic to intensive facial treatments, she has developed her knowledge and mastered her craft. Through experience and study, she has honed her skills and touch to provide exceptional facials for her clients, ensuring that the skin is tended and nurtured to while also providing real results.

IMG_8235Tina Todd – RMT

Tina graduated as an RMT from Sutherland-Chan School and Teaching Clinic in 2004 and has spent 10+ years working in multidisciplinary clinics in Toronto before moving to Collingwood over 3 years ago. She began her career in a physiotherapist/sports clinic, working with various athletes including dancers and triathletes. Throughout her years as an RMT, Tina has grown in her field by taking continuing education courses to further her skills in areas of interest, such as sports massage, prenatal, Therapeutic touch, Trigger Point Therapy and yoga teacher training. Dedicated to high-quality care, Tina adapts her treatments to meet the individual needs of each client. She loves working with people and being actively involved in their journey to improved health and healing.



Justine Sanderson – Sound Healing

Justine combines the vibrational power of Didgeridoo, Tuning Forks and Tibetan Singing Bowls to create a powerful one on one experience that will leave will leave your cells singing and body healing on a deep cellular level.

The Didgeridoo produces a broad range of frequencies that resonate with the internal vibrations of our subtle energy system and helps to facilitate the release of energetic and emotional stagnation. Producing infra sound frequencies (reaching below 20 Hz) the Didgeridoo can be applied as a “no touch sound massage”. The low frequency producing characteristics of the Didgeridoo have been reported to provide relief to a wide range of joint, muscular and skeletal related pain as well as to promote accelerated healing in various forms of bone trauma.

Voice Analysis Harmony (VAH) is another service provided by Justine. Using VAH, Justine creates a holographic picture of your health using your own voice. Through this technology the unique frequencies within your voice can be captured, translated and sorted onto a voice print chart giving you an accurate indication of the physical function of your body. Using this chart, Justine can make essential oil recommendations to improve vitality.


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  1. I read Karen’s website and was impressed with it. I booked an appointment for a facial and could not believe the results. For many years now I have been struggling with a lot of redness in my skin. Karen used a new mask she had with seaweed and herbs and the change in my skin was amazing. The redness calmed down considerably and my skin has not been as soft as it is in years. Thank you Karen, your products are wonderful.

    Female – Age 40

  2. I LOVE this oasis. I had a reflexology appointment with Sue and she is a genuine healer. The REAL deal! I am so looking forward to my next visit.

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