ZippityDewDab 15ml


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Niaouli • Carrot seed •Immortelle

Gentle antibacterial treatment to minimize acne breakouts.

Carrot seed and Immortelle calms and soothes skin, preventing scarring.

Purifies pores to bring balance to the skin.

Pairs well with: Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever, Grapefruit Stellar Renewal

Niaouli – Brimming with gentle cleansing properties, Niaouli is quite helpful to cleanse skin that is acne-prone. It is toning without being too drying.

Carrot Seed – Carrot oil balances oil production in pitch perfect ratios, regardless of your skin’s current state. Oily, dry, and combination skin can all benefit from the moisturizing manna of Carrot Seed.

Immortelle – Immortelle aids in abating the appearance of scars, spots, melasma, redness, and fine lines. This multifaceted gem of an oil is uplifting emotionally as well.