Vanilla Velvet Chocolate Perfume 30ml


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A delectable and succulent scent that

                                                  fabulously fuses enticing cacao,

                                                   velvety vanilla, and fruity florals

                                                     into a perfume that makes all

                                                              who inhale swoon.


Tahitian Vanilla – Supercritical Vanilla extract is a sumptuous Tahitian love-dream that is 14 times sweeter and creamier than Vanilla Absolute! A naturally occurring compound, heliotropin, infuses this supercritical extract with subtle hints of cherries, fresh flowers, and almonds. The aroma of Vanilla Tahitian oil is a lullaby of loveliness.

Cacao Absolute – Rich, dark, creamy Cacao Absolute exudes mouth-watering notes of caramel, dark chocolate, and coffee liqueur.

Boronia – Offers notes of fruit and florals that deepen into a cocktail of rich raspberry, fresh wood, bashful apricot, and a velvety hint of violet.


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