Sweet Sleep Pillow Spray 30ml


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Botanical formula helps to relax, unwind, and ultimately lull you to sleep.

Spritz onto pillows, linens, hair, or pulse points and breathe deeply into a state of ease. 


Lavender – Lulling Lavender is a lullaby in a bottle; it quiets body and mind for the peaceful possibilities of a restful night’s sleep.

Marjoram – Used to purify body, mind, and spirit, Marjoram is revered for its power to invoke peace and happiness. Steam distilled to capture the botanical blessings of this fragrant herb, our marjoram’s warm and penetrating aroma is serene.

Sweet Thyme – Sweet Thyme is a master relaxer. It will help your brain and your body sigh with relief as you transition from tension to a sweet slumber.


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