Soothsayer Serum 30ml


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Sandalwood • Turmeric • Geranium

Protects skin from environmental damage.

Lightens hyperpigmentation and scarring over time.

Improves texture and tone.

Pairs well with: Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever, Green Papaya & Lime AHA Mask, Ozonated DewDab, Sun Dew Vit D Creme

Sandalwood – The perfect antidote for sun-drenched skin that is hot and dehydrated. It helps the skin retain more moisture, reduces the appearance of scars and age spots, and clears pores. Sandalwood is an ancient body and face oil beloved as a calming, soothing tonic. 

Turmeric – Treasured Turmeric is a tonic of golden-goodness for skin. Through supercritical extraction, all of turmeric’s lipophilic (oil-loving) compounds are captured from the plant’s roots. This special extraction process captures much more of the aromatic volatile oils, lipids, and pigments than a typical powdered herb.

Geranium – Geranium is wonderful for reducing the appearance of scars and toning skin. It stimulates sluggishness, drives intense moisture into thirsty skin, and brings balance to oily skin.


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