Skin Frequency Bundle



High Frequency Skincare Special
A $225 Value for $150
A curated gift set to elevate your
skin and well-being that includes:
Alchemy 50ml

Embrace the Ayurvedic method of cleansing. Oil cleansing purifies, nourishes and replenishes the complexion. Unclogging pores and removing makeup. Formulated with nine healing, balancing and protective oils that work synergistically with the skin.

Equilibrium 100ml

Quench your skin’s thirst for hydration and dynamic protection.Blending three powerful ingredients and absolutely nothing else. Working in harmony, these ingredients nurture a resilient and thriving microbiome while providing cascading antioxidant protection.

Warmth 30ml

Protective moisturizer during the day, nourishing balm at night. Thirteen healing, anti-inflammatory ingredients and nothing more.  Effectively calming sensitive skin conditions, balancing breakouts, brightening and preventing pigmentation, all in one simple, nourishing step.

Abundance 30ml

Serves as a luxurious night balm, replenishing, softening, soothing, and fortifying the complexion while you sleep. This ceramide rich balm contains nine pure, healing botanicals and absolutely nothing else.

Rosy 5ml

Indulge in a Lip and Cheek Tint that not only adorns you with colour but also nourishes and safeguards your skin. Formulated with eight healing, protective, and nourishing botanicals, and absolutely nothing else.

Sample of Immortal 10ml

Brillant Bakuchiol and Vitamin C shine in this luxurious and active serum.  Made with twelve nutrient dense oils and absolutely nothing else. Bakuchiol is clinically proven to be a gentle and effective retinol alternative without any irritation or sun sensitivity.

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