Singing Cedar Cologne 30ml


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Bathe your body in cologne that swirls the enchanting essences of

white cedar and red cedar into an aromatic song with serene sandalwood,

a verve of velvety vetiver, a fusion of fruity forest air with douglas fir,

and a dash of golden grapefruit.



White Cedar – A forest of fragrance that adds a depth of deep deliciousness with a sweet, earthy resinous bouquet. Spiritually and emotionally, white cedar inspires clear thinking and energizes the spirit.

Red Cedar – The revelry of Red Cedar resides in its reassuring aroma that smells like sauna-wood and regales west coast rainforests with a dash of delicate forest-floral notes. Known traditionally for its calming effects, red cedar expands awareness and opens the heart.

Sandalwood – Serene Sandalwood offers notes of honey, balsam, wood and syrup, the combination of which amplifies your own natural scent. This sensual love liniment calms and soothes as it rejuvenates.


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