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Splendid Schizandra Berry Essential Oil is distilled from the berries of the Chinese Schizandra shrub. These berries are a staple in Traditional Chinese Herbalism and have been used for thousands of years to boost chi and boost the body’s balance. Schizandra is an excellent moisturizer for sensitive and red skin.

Scent Description: Sweet and subtle fruity notes.

Found in: Rose Glow Serum, Grapefruit Stellar Renewal, and Languid Love Butter.

Blends well with: Seabuckthorn, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Palmarosa, and Cardamom.

Uses: Dilute to use in calming, soothing skincare and massage oils. Add 1-2 drops in honey or olive oil for culinary creations and teas.

Schizandra Berries have historically been used to make wine, tea, and traditional Chinese herbal elixirs. Distilled from the berries of the schizandra shrub, the essential oil is wonderful for nourishing skin and is an excellent blending agent when used with other essential oil.


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