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Sandalwood Nut • Myrrh • Cape Chamomile

Soothes eczema, relaxes redness and firms sagging skin.

Helps to reduce the appearance of scars and age spots.

Soothes and smooths skin uneven skin tone and texture. 

Pairs well with: Sandalwood or Frankincense BSE, Ozonated BeDewDab, Open Sky Eye Serum, Maverick Face Creme

Sandalwood – The perfect antidote for sun-drenched skin that is hot and dehydrated. It helps the skin retain more moisture, reduces the appearance of scars and age spots, and clears pores. Sandalwood is an ancient body and face oil beloved as a calming, soothing tonic. 

Myrrh – Myrrh is an optimal oil for reducing the appearance scars, spots, melasma red, dry, dull, uneven skin. This opulent oleoresin is beautiful in sun-bathing oils and glorious for glowing skin.

Cape Chamomile – Cape Chamomile has a high content of rare ester and azulene compounds that impart a teal blue hue to soothe all manner of skin imbalances. This rejuvenating essence balances sebum and softens the appearance of scars, and spots.


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