Royal Rose Honey Mask 30ml

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Raw, wildflower honey • Rose Clay • CoQ10

Naturally occurring enzymes exfoliate to brighten and remove dead skin.

Draws out toxins to purify pores.

Improves firmness and resiliency of skin to even skin tone.

Wildflower Honey – Honey, a soothing compound for the skin, has been a timeless treasure with valuable vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and glucose oxidase. The glucose oxidase contained in wild honey functions as an antioxidant to shield the skin. It is also a powerful humectant that absorbs moisture from the air and infuses that moisture into the skin.

Rose Clay – Rare Rose clay is a mild kaolin clay that is imbued with a rosy hue from minerals. This cleansing clay is serene for sensitive skin as it gently replenishes and exfoliates. While each type of clay has unique properties, they all essentially function as magnetic-magic that purifies every pore.

CoQ10 – A naturally occurring enzyme found in every cell of the body. With age or stress, our CoQ10 levels diminish. Adding CoQ10 to your beauty routine may improve the appearance of firmness and resiliency of the skin as well as even skin tone.

1 review for Royal Rose Honey Mask 30ml

  1. Jessie B

    This is honestly the greatest thing to ever happen to my skin!! It feels so soft and smooth! The longer I leave it on for the better my skin feels! If you need a good scrub this is the one!

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