Petal Underarm Charm Deodorant


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Absorbs odor and excess moisture while enhance your personal essence with unique essential oils.


Ylang – Ylang oil is a lovely, languid essence that sweetly serves as a natural antiperspirant. The heady, sweet aroma is long-lasting and inspiring, conjuring experiences of balance and beauty.

Kaolin Clay – Also known as white clay, Kaolin clay is an ancient skin ally. Kaolin is rich in silica and is used to draw toxins from the skin. It is balancing and nourishing for delicate underarms, helping the skin to maintain optimal sebum levels and thus prevent odor and absorbs sweat.

Baking Soda – Absolutely absorbent, sodium bicarbonate draws excess moisture as it’s excreted from the pits, thwarting less than fragrant smells from collecting in the underarms.


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