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Open  Sky  Eye  Serum  is a rejuvenating serum for tired eyes, puffy skin, dark circles, and fine lines. This faithful friend fortifies, freshens, and tones delicate under-eye skin with the cool, blue firming fluid of pure plant botanicals, creating a super saturation of organic hydration.

Frankincense – It relaxes redness, firms the skin, minimizes fine lines, and infuses the skin with copious moisture. It is also wonderful for reducing the appearance of age spots.

Peppermint – Bursting with minty freshness and powerful anti-puffiness properties, Peppermint calms and cools the skin and the senses. This oil really helps the eyes to wake up first thing in the morning.

Blue Tansy – This deep-blue oil, rich in cooling azulene, enhances relaxation while unpacking under-eye bags. It also calms sensitive skin, lightens and improves the appearance of dark under-eye circles.


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