Moccasin Flower Perfume 30ml


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Immerse yourself in amber notes,

balsamic rockrose that meets

 the aroma of vetiver’s woody forest floor. While ylang and jasmine blossom sweet,

sensual sparkle.

This rich floral scent adds spring to your stride

 to enjoy to your earth ride.



Rockrose – Replenishing Rockrose is neither a rock nor a rose; it is a Mediterranean wildflower that resembles wild roses. The resinous amber notes of rockrose awaken the senses in an offering that is herbaceous and radiantly warm. Calming and elevating, rock rose heightens the emotions, making every sight, smell, sound and caress an invitation to dive deeper into the present moment. 

Blood Orange – The sunny citrus tang of Blood Orange harmonizes frazzled feelings and washes over worries. Inhale gladness and exhale gratitude. 

Ylang – Euphoric ylang is an amorous essence that’s name translates to “Flower of Flowers.” While others sleep, these spellbinding blossoms exude their exotic fragrance across tropical breezes. Sweet and sultry ylang inspires the senses by dispelling negativity with its petals of perfumed positivity.


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