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Living Libations Mint + Myrrh Tooth Serum is tough on tartar and soft on sensitive teeth. Featuring a bouquet of beneficial botanicals, Mint + Myrrh Tooth Serum is all you need for successful oral care.

Uses: Invite Mint + Myrrh Tooth Serum into every step of your oral care routine. Add a drop to a dry toothbrush in lieu of toothpaste or add a drop to potentiate your paste. Combine with salt water for use as a mouth wash. Massage onto gums, especially the area where the teeth and gums join. Add a drop to your Copper Tongue Scraper and Smart Floss. Place a drop directly on your tongue to freshen the breath. (If you are a cinnamon fan, check out our Healthy Gum Drops).


MyrrhUsed as a soothing, calming essence for the mouth.

Peppermint – Real Peppermint is potent and inhibits the bacteria that cause bad breath. Peppermint in commercial toothpaste is artificial menthol and only offers flavor.

Frankincense – Known for its ability to eliminate bad breath causing bacteria and assist with removing plaque.


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