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Marvelous Mandarin Essential Oil is a sparkling-citrus Italian dream steeped in the fragrant florals of tangerine. Mandarin Essential Oil is cold pressed from the succulent outer rind of mandarins, sweet citrus fruit first brought to Europe in the early nineteenth century. This oil is yellow-orange in color and offers a more complex scent with hints of sunny florals.


Scent Description: Sweet, citrusy notes of pungent fruit with enchanting whispers of faint floral essence.
Blends well with: Lavender, Spruce, Ylang, Grapefruit, Blood Orange, Frankincense and Cinnamon.
Uses: Enjoy in an aromatherapy diffuser or salt pipe. Relaxing blends at bed and bath time. Perfect for perfume and body oil blends. May help improve the appearance of stretch marks.

Unlike the energizing action of most citrus oils, Mandarin Essential Oil has a calming effect that is perfection pre-bedtime. In France, it is a popular slumber time breathing balm for restless children. Mandarin essence can also be used to ease worry and gladden the heart.


This cheery oil can improve the appearance of many skin conditions, including the scars, fine lines, and sagging skin. A wonderful tonic, Mandarin Essential Oil is particularly useful for cleansing skin with acne and balancing an overabundance of oil on the skin.


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