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Cold pressed Lemon Essential Oil is a revitalizing elixir of invigorating delight. Extracted from the rinds of thousands of lemon peels, each bottle of lively Lemon essences contains within it the zest the molecules to lift moods, to tingle the senses, to revitalize the skin, and to inspire a sunny disposition.


Scent Description: Sharp citrus with bright lemony-notes.
Found in: Lavish Abundance Perfume, Jai Baby Joy, Zest the Best, CelluLight Formula, Revive Alive Blend, Chocolate Mocha Lover Lips and Best Skin Ever Chocolate.

Blends well with: Bergamot, Lavender, Lime and Douglas Fir.
Uses: Culinary and skin serum preservative. Skin rejuvenator. Diffuse or sniff for a quick mood boost. Lovely in baths. Diffuse to infuse focus for creative tasks and study. Perfect for cleaning house. Delightful in all manner of dishes and desserts.
Contraindication: Photosensitive. Do not use on skin with direct exposure to sunlight. Dilute to use.



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