Lavender Complexion Mist


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Lavender Hydrosol • Alpine Lavender • Frankincense


Prepares skin for hydration prior to applying serums or moisturizers, allowing pores to soak it all in.

Quenches dry skin for long lasting hydration.

Essential oils of lavender and frankincense ease the mind and calm skin.



Lavender Hydrosol – Lavender hydrosol is birthed from distilling lavender and never has any added water or alcohol. Lavender hydrosol has a unique aroma, similar to that of a lavender tea, it is greener and more musky than the floral fragrance of the distilled oil.

Alpine Lavender – Lavender oil’s gentle and effective spirit make it an ancient go-to oil for washing and anointing the skin, sleepy ceremonies, spiritual purification, daily relaxation rituals, and emotional grace.

Frankincense – This fine, fragrant oil fortifies and energizes as it nestles the nerves, deepens breathing during meditation, and increases the intuition of our inner guidance.


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