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Laurel Oracle is an anointing oil blended to bless the perceptive pineal-chakra, which is the area between the brows known as the “seat of the soul.” This cerebral synergy includes a rare piñon pine cone distillation we had extracted especially for the creation of Laurel Oracle.

Stimulate the seat of the soul with creative concentration and purifying power. The pineal chakra, also known as the third eye chakra, is the focal point of this chrism’s blessed botanical gifts. Laurel Oracle is packed with the cathartic charisma of laurel essential oil, which blends beautifully with fortifying Frankincense and calming Chamomile. Backed by Spikenard and purifying Piñon Pine Cone, this anointing oil is our surest way to feel sacred synchronicity and the rich reverberations of the universe.

Place one mystical drop upon the chakra and under the nose to envelop and enlighten the mind. It may also be used in baths, in our salt pipe inhaler and diffused to sanctify space


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