Ginger Essential Oil 5ml


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The essences of this robust root is a special super-critical extract from gorgeous ginger grown in Madagascar, which creates the fruitiest and full bodied Ginger oil ever.

Scent Description: A golden liquid emanating a warm, tangy, spicy-balsamic bouquet with an earthy- rooty dry-down.
In Living Libations: Illume Hotberry, Zest the Best
Blends well with: Grapefruit, Bergamot, Cinnamon, Turmeric, and Ylang.
Uses: Culinary oil to be enjoyed in soups, sauces, deserts, and dressings; loved as a lozenge with honey. Aromatherapy blends for muscle-melting massages, heart warming perfumes, and as a love liniment. Always diluted to use in baths and on skin. Accent the diffusion of zesty citrus oils with a zingy dash of ginger. A scent to inhale as a travel pal for planes, trains, and car rides. Beloved of bellies.