Forager’s Cologne


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Benefits: Spritz exposed skin, hair and clothes prior to going outside to discourage the presence of bugs and keep you at ease.


White Sage – Wondrous White Sage glows with gorgeous silvery-green leaves that have been traditionally burned for the purifying powers of its pungent smoke. The essence is an ally to sanctify the air, clear mental congestion and infuse thoughts with peace.

African Wild Sage – Luminous Leleshwa is an illuminating and purifying essential oil also known as African Wild Sage. Traditionally used to deodorize and cleanse, its clean, camphorous aroma clarifies thinking in an instant, opens the breath and clears the body of sluggishness.

Lemon Tea Tree – Lemon Tea Tree contains three potent compounds that are nature’s most effective answer to fly-bys and crawlers: citral, citronellal, and pinene. Lemon tea tree has the added benefit of having a wonderfully uplifting, sunny scent.


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