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Stoic Cypress Essential Oil is distilled from the mighty needles of the majestic evergreen tree, which points toward the heavens as it watches over centuries of existence. The essence of Cypress is as strengthening as it is refreshing and has been used to bring comfort in times of sorrow for thousands of years. Employ the aid of the mighty cypress to lift the blues, sing you a lullaby, slow down with a single sniff, and celebrate the passing of a loved one with spirited grace.


Scent Description: Sharp, crisp evergreen with the pungent essence of rolling forest fields.
Found in: DewDab, Verve Tonic, and CelluLight Formula.
Blends well with: Lemon, Grapefruit, Rosemary, Chamomile, Alpine Lavender, and Clary Sage.
Uses: This crisp essence purifies pores, balances excess skin oil, lifts the spirits, and increases patience. Drying, resinous, warm, and tonifying. Strengthening. Restores calm. Combats feelings of fatigue. Deodorant. Graces rooms with scented strength in a diffuser. Inhale in salt pipe to expand the chest. Skin toner extraordinaire. Perfect to use a drop on body dry brush techniques.


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