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Black Cumin seed • Broccoli Seed • Cinnamon

Stimulates and revives lackluster skin.

Sulfuric-rich ingredients of cinnamon, MSM and Seabuckthorn Berry improve elasticity.

Pairs well with: Sandalwood BSE, SunDew Vit D Crème, JewelDab

Black Cumin Seed – This hearty super-critical extraction of organic cumin captures the full beauty and complexity of the dried spice that is rich in monoterpene aldehydes, cuminaldehydes, cymene, oleic and linoleic fatty acids, ensuring the utmost purity and potency.

Broccoli Seed – Covers the skin with a light, non-greasy protective layer that boosts and maintains proper skin hydration. This invisible coating melds moisture into skin. Broccoli seed contains high levels of arachidonic acid, a naturally-occurring fatty acid that is also found in the epidermal layer of the skin. Broccoli seed oil restores red skin to its natural calm color.

Cinnamon – Spicy Cinnamon oil warmly tingles skin and brings life back to dull and listless pallor. It supports superb skin function boosting its vitality and energy.


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