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Cape Chamomile • Rose • Cypress

Gently anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory to assist with bacterial and cystic acne breakouts.

Improves tone and texture of scars, melasma, cuperose, age spots and hyperpigmentation over time.

Pairs well with: Frankincense Best Skin Ever, Rose Renewal & Frankincense Firming Fluid, Frankincense Honey Mask

Cape Chamomile – Cape chamomile has a high content of rare, nourishing ester and azulene compounds that impart a teal blue hue to soothe all manner of skin imbalances. This rejuvenating essence regulates sebum and softens the appearance of scars, and spots.

Rose Otto – Soothing to the heart and smoothing to the skin, Rose Otto is a key ally in dermal rejuvenation, inviting balance and beauty.

Cypress – Strengthening Cypress Oil is a calming, fortifying tonic. Cypress is stellar for sluggish skin.


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