Cinnamon Incense


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Fill your home with the nostalgic, sensual scent of pure cinnamon. Living Libations Sacred Cinnamon Incense sticks are crafted with all-natural coconut shell and bamboo sticks, infusing the air with the purest essence and powder of sumptuous cinnamon.

Each pack comes with 12 sticks of Sacred Cinnamon incense and a handcrafted ash wood incense holder.


Ground CinnamonSpicy, sensual cinnamon brings tidings of comfort and warmth. In aromatherapy, cinnamon is used to invigorate both body and mind, enhance feelings of joy, increase concentration, defeat drowsiness, and eradicate irritability.

Coconut Shell + Bamboo Stick – The thick, fibrous husk of the coconut fruit joins forces with bashful bamboo to create a natural, non-synthetic home. Both organic ingredients offer longer burning life and fantastic, fresh scents.


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