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Chamomile Essential Oil is steam distilled from the delicate diminutive petals of French chamomile flowers. This flower, famed for its comforting caress, is also known as Roman Chamomile. The gentle grace of this ancient aromatic was revered by the ancient Egyptians, as a sacred elixir worthy of the angels. Cheering, endearing Chamomile graces us with its honey-floral, hypnotic-fruit-scented powers of tranquility pacifying apprehension, softening tension, and nestling nerves.


Scent Description: Sweet floral fruit with fresh, summer notes of apples and hay.
Found in: Bedtime Story Blend, Vanilla Chamomile Lover Lips.
Blends well with: Seabuckthorn Berry, Ylang, Frankincense, Bergamot, Lemon, Grapefruit, Geranium, Marjoram, and Hyssop.
Uses: Caring Chamomile melts muscles and tense minds; it may be used to anoint belly, neck, temples, and shoulders. Inhale via bottle, diffuser, or salt pipe for a soothing experience of serenity. It is beautiful in baths before bedtime. Culinary creations yield to Chamomile’s dainty divinations, and a drop of this easing-essence added to honey and warm water before resting your head in bed is a peaceful way to end the day.


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