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Resplendent Red Cedar Leaf Essential Oil is steam distilled from the leaves of wild trees growing in France. Known traditionally for its calming effects, it also inspires spiritual growth and awareness.


Scent Description: Green and woody like stepping into a forest sauna.

Blends well with: Myrrh, Black Spruce, Grapefruit, and Sandalwood.

Uses: Perfume blends. Massage Blends. Anoint on the crown chakra. Add to a spritzer or in a diffuser.

Red Cedar Leaf Essential Oil is grounding and centering while also helping to open the upper chakras. Its sweet, hearty aroma that may be anointed (diluted) on the crown of the head to enhance meditation or yoga, and as an environmental fragrance in a diffusor or spritzer. It also adds an inspiring and edgy accent to perfume and colognes.


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