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Oil cleanser + moisturizer

Sandalwood • Yarrow • Cape Chamomile


Soothes chapped skin, eczema, and skin infections

Nourishing, cooling azulene calms red, itchy skin

Pairs well with: Sandalwood Supreme Serum, Maverick Face Crème, BeDew Dab, All Seeing Eye Creme

Sandalwood Nut – Also known as Sandalwood seed oil, this key ingredient contains rare, beneficial fatty acids to help fight damaging inflammation and free radicals. It is used to treat cellulite, varicose veins, dry skin, overly oily skin, wounds, cuts, bruises, lesions, and to protect the skin from harsh environmental elements and pollutants.

Sandalwood – Where Sandalwood Nut Oil is fiercely anti-inflammatory, pure Sandalwood Oil offers marvelous antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antiviral benefits. It is also a wonderful moisturizing agent that is commonly used to soothe chapped skin, eczema, and skin infections.

Cape Chamomile – It revitalizes and refreshes the skin. The blue hue offers a cooling cocktail that relaxes redness and calms the skin as well as the spirit.

Yarrow – Yarrow is particularly suited to balancing skin oil production, especially in oily skin. It visibly revitalizes the skin by fantastically improving the appearance of age spots, dark circles, and stretch marks.


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