Chocolate – Best Skin Ever 50ml


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Oil cleanser + moisturizer

Cacao • Vanilla • Rose Otto

Intensely moisturizing, providing hydration for dry skin.

Adds resiliency and elasticity to the skin.

Relaxes redness and puffiness.

Pairs well with: Chocolate Karat Serum, Rose Glow Crème, JewelDab, Royal Rose Honey Mask

Cacao – Infused in Virgin Coconut oil Cacao beans are intensely moisturizing, smoothing, and therapeutic to the skin. Their sensuous scent and complex matrix of plant nutrients offers sweet restoration to thirsty tissues.

Vanilla – Vanilla exudes warm sensuality. We soak raw, organic Vanilla Beans in pure Virgin Coconut oil for a few full moon cycles until the sensual essence and soothing nature of Vanilla saturates the coconut oil. The fresh-infused scent of Vanilla evokes beauty and delight.

Rose Otto – Soothing to the heart and smoothing to skin, rose otto is a key ally in dermal rejuvenation, inviting balance and beauty.


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