Alpine Lavender Essential Oil 5ml


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 Alpine Lavender Essential Oil hails from high in the French Alps, where the flowering tops are distilled for exceptional purity and quality. The result is a gorgeous gift of Gaia that emits a lovely floral lullaby and abounds in optimal linalool, ready to serve your skin in boundless ways.

Scent Description: Fresh and floral, with lolling intimations of rolling fields and airy snow-capped mountain peaks.
Uses: Uplifting, relaxing, and balancing. Sings in skin serums. Beautiful for babies. Benevolent in baths. Diffuse and use droplets on pillows and linens. First-Aid friend. Pampers any perfume.

Lavender is one of the world’s oldest remedies for soothing the soul of our body. Throughout history, it has been used in cultures as varied as ancient Egypt and Greece and Medieval Europe. Lavender oil’s gentle and effective spirit make it an ancient go-to oil for washing, anointing the skin, sleepy ceremonies, spiritual purification, daily relaxation rituals, and emotional grace.



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