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Holistic Skincare Guide for Cooler Weather

As the seasons shift to cooler temperatures, drier air and indoor heating, our skin needs a little extra love to carry us through the winter season with glowing, hydrated skin. Our holistic estheticians and experts have compiled a helpful list of tips and tricks to stock your fragrant apothecary and help heal and seal the skin through the harshest of climates.


1. Oil Cleansing 

Using pure pressed plant oils is an ancient Ayurvedic method to cleanse and gently exfoliate the skin, revealing healthy, quenched skin. To keep the skin shielded from the winter elements, it is essential to maintain and defend the acid mantle, known as the protective barrier between you and the outside world. Incorporating a daily ritual of oil cleansing will deeply cleanse the skin and provide the ultimate sanctuary to keep your skin cells singing with dewy delight through cooler temperatures. Oil cleansing also gently nudges us to slow down our nightly routines and reflect on our days with aromatic glee. Our go-to winter skin saviour for both cleansing and moisturizing is any one of Living Libations’ Best Skin Evers!

2. Switch Up Your Skincare Rituals

Long gone are the days of humid summer’s past! Along with oil cleansing, it is crucial that we adjust our winter skincare rituals accordingly. Retiring your lighter summer moisturizers and opting for a heavier botanical serum or cream will combat dry, flaky skin and deeply quench your skin from within. Because skin care is not one size fits all, we encourage our clients to drop by SEED and speak with one of our holistic experts to find a winter routine that fits your skin type and hydration needs.

3. Book A Seasonal Facial

A seasonal holistic facial will deeply hydrate, balance, soothe and unclog pores, removing any stagnation and ultimately providing a clean slate for the skin to thrive during the winter months. We highly recommend our Joyful Rejuvenation Facial to get you and your skin through the winter months with grace! Enjoy a steam, aromatic hot towels, customized botanical oils and a relaxing head, shoulder, scalp and facial massage with one of our holistic estheticians by calling (705) 445-1454 or booking your treatment online.

4. Stay Hydrated From Within

Water, water and more water! Sipping on water and herbal teas throughout the day will keep your cells hydrated from within. We highly suggest drinking warm water infused with lemon and ginger throughout the day as opposed to cold water, and to incorporate healthy fats and warming foods into your diet to lubricate the cells and skin from the inside out!